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Dr. Josie M. Boone is the CEO and Founder of Premier Organizational Leadership Management (POLM) Consulting LLC. Dr. Boone has her Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership Management. She is a motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Author and Writer. She is a change agent and believes in when a business develops an organizational structure, strategic planning, documented processes and a cohesive team, their business will be more successful!

POLM was established in 2016, and is located in Woodbridge Virginia, United States of America (USA). Since our inauguration, we have delivered Organizational Leadership Management coaching and consulting services to companies ranging from small, large, trans-national to privately-held, profit and non-profit, churches, and family-owned businesses. 

Our services include:  Executive Coaching & Consulting Business, IT Solutions, Cyber Security, Strategic Planning, Change Management, Leadership & Effective Team Assessment, Leadership & Team Building, and Conflict Resolution. Our experience expands a wide collection of business environments and global cultures and comprises corporations and businesses ranging from Technology, Acquisition, and Security to consumer-Healthcare, Software and Hardware Engineering. Most of our clients come primarily from profit-organizations. The good news is we frequently provide services to charities, non-profit organizations, and conservation organizations and at significantly reduced rates of compensation.


To help our clients see the invisible and do the impossible in their organizations in order to improve their overall business strategy and processes and increase the opportunity of positive change.


Every client is satisfied with our coaching and consulting services and promotes organizational growth and development in their organization and or business.


We are dedicated to quality Service, quantifiable Change, genuine Partnership, and tangible Eminence in all we execute.
“Bringing Back Quality Services”